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Je suis Jalél Chniti. Enseignant du FLE depuis 1985. 

Je travaille sur l'enseignement numérique en créant divers supports tel que les cartes boom et le flipcharts.

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Sightwords for prek and K levels

This is a boomlearning deck of 30 cards that enable the learner to identify words when listening, find them when reading and building them through a drag and drop of letters. You might hide as many cards as you wish according to your students. To see the cards live, please click here. Copyr..

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory : Chaptes 1-10

Description This digital resource includes a a Boom cards deck of 31 cards about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( the original edition). Vocabulary multiple choice checking and reviewing vocabulary key word covering chapters 1-10. The learner will have to guess the meaning of a word using i..

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory : Vocabulary

This digital resource bundle include 3 boom cards decks including the main vocabulary items in the novel covering all chapters. A Vocabulary based activity, checking the most important vocabulary items in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all chapters. Edition August 16, 2007. Please preview ..

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Être, avoir et les verbes du 1er groupe au prst

Inclu un paquet de cartes Boom à propos du Présent de l'Indicatif : Les Verbes Être, Avoir et les verbes du 1er Groupe. Il est destiné spécialement aux élèves souffrant d'une difficulté d'apprentissage ce qui explique la maniè..

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Eclipses : A Comprehension Quiz -57%

Eclipses : A Comprehension Quiz

A multiple choice quiz and open answers (essays) based on an online book at Word search : eclipses, this is a comprehension check for students as an additional activity and a quiz. Please refer to Boomlearning terms and Conditions here _________________________..

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