Reading Comprehension - Oliver Twist

Reading Comprehension - Oliver Twist

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A reading comprehension for the Penguin Readers book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

Books from Penguin Readers are adapted for English learners (ESL or EFL) and categorized by levels (from 1 to 6). For more information, go to

The Penguin Readers' version of Oliver Twist is a level 4 (intermediate) book.

I used the activity sheets available on the Penguin Readers' teacher website, adapted it and made it into a user-friendly test. You just need to print, photocopy and bring to class. These tests are not available to students on the Penguin Readers' website. You need to have a teacher account to access these worksheets.

My test includes room for students to write their answers, the identification of the chapters when it applies, and is on 60 points, and therefore easy for teachers to assess their students' understanding.

Even though, it is adapted and not authentic English material, I swear by Penguin Readers for all my classes because for most ESL or EFL students, it is the only way they can read classics of the English Literature. I find it important for students to learn not only the English language but the English culture. And let's face it, literature is a big part of any culture.

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