Food & eating habits - Conversation cards

Food & eating habits - Conversation cards

Food & eating habits - Conversation cards


You can use these cards…

… as warm up questions at the start of a class,

… as a fluency activity after practising the target topic,

… as task cards for early finishers…

… as writing prompts



<strong>Included are :</strong> 

  • 30 cards
  • 1 « Rules for conversation » sheet (with different layouts)
  • 1 « Grammar help » sheet (with different layouts)
  • Suggestions for teachers


<strong>Learning objectives :</strong> 

  • Questions/answers
  • Simple present tense (mostly)
  • Can / can’t
  • How often… Do you often… + frequency adverbs
  • Social skills (through structured conversation)


<strong>Level :</strong> 

  • Young learners
  • ESL : 2nd, 3rd, 4th year (CEFRL : A2 - B1)


Group work / pair work:


<strong>Pre-speaking task:</strong> 

“Rules for conversations” sheet

“Grammar help” sheet


<strong>Speaking task:</strong> 

Students take it in turns to take a card and read out the question.

When they have exhausted the topic, the next student turns over the next card and so on.

They use the “Rules for conversations” sheet & the “Grammar help” sheet (paper or screen)




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