Verbes au présent - 60 verbes français à conjuguer

Verbes au présent - 60 verbes français à conjuguer

✮ Verbes au présent - 60 verbes français à conjuguer ✮

These conjugation worksheets will help your secondary French students practice verb conjugations in the present tense. In addition to writing conjugations they are asked to write a sentence using the indicated verb in the tense indicated. There is a checklist written in French for students to check their work for common errors before turning it in. A large variety of regular and irregular verbs is included (see below). Just have a look at the preview to check out an example.Great for core French, immersion schools, and regular high school French programs.

Pick and choose worksheets with the verbs included as your students learn them:

avoir, être, aller, faire, oublier, attendre, choisir, manger, vendre, finir, prendre, dormir, appeler, payer, jeter, voyager, lever, commencer, sortir, partir, offrir, ouvrir, mettre connaître, savoir, vouloir, devoir, pouvoir, venir, voir, croire, boire, lire, dire, écrire, comprendre, entendre, écouter, monter, montrer, descendre, rentrer, revenir, retourner, passer, venir, arriver, devenir, deviner, entrer, tomber, rester, courir, envoyer, obtenir, recevoir, employer, acheter, conduire, lancer

Here's what you get:

⭐60 worksheets (one for each verb listed above) for conjugating and writing sentences.
⭐Each page has two worksheets on it for you to cut them apart down the middle and save on printing.
⭐30 pages total

A few ways you can use these worksheets:

⭐No prep quick quizzes
⭐No prep homework
⭐Exit slips
⭐Warm up work
⭐Early finishers
⭐Literacy centers
⭐Test review
⭐Laminate to use and reuse

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Verbes au présent - 60 verbes français à conjuguer
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