ESL Competencies Assessment Grids

ESL Competencies Assessment Grids

ESL assessment grids and observation tools to monitor students' progress and assess their speaking (interacts orally), reading (understanding and reinvestment of understanding/response to texts), listening, and writing skills. Quick grading scoring rubrics are also included in the file; you do not need to purchase them separately.

⭐Type of resources included:

  • Detailed assessment grids to evaluate speaking, reading, and writing skills - These are ideal for summative assessments, but might also be used for formative assessment.
  • Observation tools to monitor students' progress - These are more appropriate to observe your students' performance while they are completing different tasks.
  • Quick scoring rubrics
  • Each type of rubric is saved as a PPT and a PD file. If you need to use these assessment grids as paperless resources, you may import the PPT versions into Google Slides™ and add text boxes.
  • The preview file contains more details about the nature of these rubrics and progress monitoring tools.

You might also be interested in this complementary assessment tools you may use along with the ESL assessment grids: 

These assessment rubrics are ideal for ESL classes; however, they can be useful in ELA classes, as well.

UPDATE: MAJOR UPDATE: August 2020 (landscape orientation, improved assessment rubrics, various observation tools added and updated).

⭐Are you a Canadian teacher teaching ESL in Québec?

If you teach in Québec (CA), these assessment rubrics align with the Second Cycle, Years 1-3 ESL Core Program. If you teach EESL (Enriched ESL), you may still be able to use these rubrics, however, take a peek at the preview file to determine if this resource is indeed appropriate for your students.

⭐Important notice: These rubrics are not editable. Download the preview file to make sure this is the right resource for you.

⭐This resource contains the following evaluation grids:

  • Interacts orally assessment grid (Speaking skills)
  • General assessment rubric for reinvestment of Understanding of Texts (Reading skills/Competency 2: Reinvests understanding of texts)
  • Response process assessment rubric 
  • General assessment rubric for written productions
  • Response paragraph rubric
  • Opinion text/persuasive writing assessment rubric
  • Feature article assessment rubric
  • Brochure assessment grid
  • General project rubric
  • Various observation tools to observe students' performance (speaking, reading, listening, and writing).
  • Quick grading/scoring rubrics (reinvestment of understanding and writing) - This item can be purchased separately here: Quick Grading Rubrics - Reinvestment of Understanding & Writing - If you purchase the ESL Assessment Grids and Scoring Rubrics resource, you do not need to purchase the quick grading rubrics separately as they are already included in the file.

⭐FILE DETAILS: Resources may be in a zip, PPT or PDF file. Please make sure you can open these files. Pages are US Letter size format (8.5 x 11).

❤️SATISFACTION: Before downloading a product, read the product description and check out the preview document to determine if the resource is appropriate for your students. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

⭐FEEDBACK: I value your feedback as it helps me improve and create better resources. 

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