Français Mur de Mots ELEMENTARY FRENCH NUMBERS 0-21 WORD WALL  It's easy to create an instant introduction to Numbers 0-21 in French with this set of word wall cards, featuring beginning numbers that I like to share with my young learners of French. They’re really useful during the introduction phase, and we also use them for developing language skills and awareness in general. We like to do number guessing and calculation games at regular intervals too.

There are two cards per 8.5 x 11 (A4) page in landscape format - the words are definitely big enough for children to be able to read - we do lots of guessing games.  Although I tend to get my students to prepare the word wall header, I’ve included one here, as we often have both on our wall! The cards to look great in colour, but are still really nice if you prefer to print in B&W to keep costs down - I’ve included a set with a French flag background, and one with no background - that can save on some ink too! I definitely recommend that you print on card stock and/or laminate for longevity - you’ll be able to use and enjoy your FRENCH NUMBERS WORD WALL for years to come!

There are two non-editable files in a zipped format - they're copyright, all rights reserved - although they're free to download, they can't be shared, distributed, copied or rewritten in any way - please read the Terms of Use.


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