Christmas Activity Pack

Christmas Activity Pack

Here's what's included in this product:


★ 29 Christmas Flashcards

★ A Picture Dictionary (B&W and color)

★ Two Bingo Cards (B&W) (9 pictures and 25 pictures)

★ A NO-PREP Memory Card Game (B&W) (These cards can be used to play Go Fish!)

★ 25 cards to play the Game: I have... Who has?

★ A ''Color by Number'' Worksheet

★ A ''Word Scramble'' Worksheet

★ A ''Find the Differences'' Worksheet

★ Two ''Roll and Color'' Worksheets (Christmas tree and Santa Claus)

★ A die template

★ A listening activity based on the song ''Santa is his name - O'' from Super Simple Songs (

★ A writing project for cycle 2 students. Students will have to write a text that describes a Christmas tree. There is a teacher's example for modeling, rough draft (fill in the blanks for third graders and lines for fourth graders). There's also a final copy template, a writing checklist and a speaking activity.


This Christmas activity pack is designed for elementary cycle one and cycle two ESL students.


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Happy teaching everyone and Merry Christmas!


© Valerie Caron - Funny Miss Valerie


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