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Body in English Battleship

Battleship game using the names of 20 body parts in English: ear, throat, leg, back, foot, arm, toot..

1,50 €

Body Tic Tac Toe

Partner activity. Includes 8 game boards with pictures only, so it may be used with any language. Ma..

2,00 €

Body in English Wordsearch

Word search has 57 parts of the body hidden. 5 versions included; each has 2 formats - with and with..

3,00 €

Body in English Word Wall

Word wall has picture and name in English of 60 body parts. ..

3,00 €

Body in English Sudoku

Sudoku game uses 9 parts of the body. 5 versions included. Vocabulary used: arm, ear, eye, foot, han..

3,00 €

Body in English Snail Game

Students must identify the picture (use in sentences to make it more challenging) as they advance al..

2,50 €

Body in English Partner Speaking Activity

Speaking activity for partners. There are 2 copies of a crossword puzzle; 1 has all down words; 1 ha..

2,00 €

Body in English I have Who has

Whole class speaking activity. Each card has a statement with I have and a question with Who has. St..

2,50 €

Body in English Grid Vocabulary Activity

Partner activity to use the 10 vocabulary words pictured. Student A designates a box by calling its ..

1,50 €

Body in English Find it Worksheet

Worksheet has a 6 by 6 grid with pictures of body parts. There are 16 items written out in words and..

1,00 €

Body in English Dominoes

Set of 144. Print on cardstock and cut into tiles. Each Domino has a picture for 1 of 12 body parts ..

3,00 €

Body in English Concentration Games

Print on cardstock and cut into cards; make 1 set for every 3-4 students. Includes picture and the w..

3,00 €

Body in English Aches Connect 4 Game

Partner activity; 2 games included. Students must correctly make a sentence with the body part ..

1,50 €

Body and Clothing Partner Speaking Activity

Students are to draw a line connecting a person to a body part to a piece of clothing. They then tak..

1,00 €

Body in English Bingo

35 game cards. Print on cardstock and laminate. Includes 24 body parts. ..

4,00 €