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Let's debate - Debate vocabulary LAPBOOK

Very useful (and simple) DEBATE VOCABULARY for young students and ESL students.   6 boxes..

1,00 €

Fairy tales – TABOO game

This game is a great way to reactivate vocabulary and grammar,  and encourage fluency. It is a ..

1,90 €

Halloween banner and game

The kids color and decorate the flags, they can then work on the vocabulary and finally play the &ld..

2,00 €

Back to school BUNDLE - ESL pre-intermediate

4 ready-to-use activities for the first 3 hours. ESL – pre-intermediate (2nd and/or 3rd yea..

5,60 €

Back to school BUNDLE - ESL Intermediate

4 ready-to-use activities for the first hours. ESL – Intermediate (3rd and/or 4th year depend..

5,60 €

Playing in English – BOOKMARKS

Playing in English - BOOKMARKS    Another bookmark to use in class and keep in the n..

2,00 €

Shopping for clothes – Speaking cards

You can use these cards… … as warm up questions at the start of a class, &hellip..

2,00 €

Classroom English – BOOKMARK – Intermediate

Classroom English – BOOKMARK – Pre-intermediate   Say it in English ! - BOOKM..

2,00 €


BINGO Harry Potter - EN FRANCAIS    Included are : •    ..

2,00 €

Say it in English - Classroom language - beginners

This is a Classroom Language worksheet for beginners. With the most common expressions used in th..

1,50 €

Say it in English - Bookmark

Say it in English ! - BOOKMARK  These bookmarks are a helpful tool for my ESL students. T..

2,00 €


Included are : •      32 unique bingo boards •  &..

2,20 €

Rules for conversation

Various backgrounds 1 ink-friendly version Level :  Young learners ESL students Happy ..


Harry Potter Board Game

The children first build their own dice, then they can play and answer the questions in the present ..

1,60 €

Harry Potter - Fun BUNDLE

Do your students love Harry Potter? Do they love games ? Included are: Harry Potter Bingo = ht..

4,00 €