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School Objects in English Kriss Kross

Puzzle has the form of a crossword, but instead of clues, the words are separated by the number of l..

3,00 €

School Supplies in English Crossword

Crossword puzzle has pictures of 20 school supplies as clues. Answers are in English. 5 versions. ..

3,00 €

School Objects in English Bingo Worksheet

Worksheet has 2 Bingo cards and a list of items that are called. Students are to mark the cards and ..

1,00 €

School Objects in English Bingo

Print on cardstock and laminate. Includes 36 cards. ..

4,00 €

School in English Word Scramble

There are 40 school related items (school supplies, objects, subjects) that students need to unscram..

1,00 €

School in English Game of Seven Families

The object of the game is to collect a full family - 6 cards. The player with the most families at t..

3,00 €

School Objects English Partner Speaking Activity 2

Partner activity. Students start by circling 6 of the 10 items pictured; these are items that they h..

1,00 €

School Objects English Partner Speaking Activity 1

Each partner has 9 people that they ask what school object they have and nine answers that they give..

1,00 €

School Objects in English Desk Strips

Référence pour 50 mots de vocabulaire qui concernent l'école.  Fournit..

1,00 €

Memory cards BUNDLE

In this bundle you will find 13 sets of memory card games (match the picture to the word): Farm a..

23,52 €

School Supplies in English Wordsearch

Jeu avec les fournitures scolaires.  5 versions. ..

2,50 €

School Supplies in English Card Games

Cards to play Concentration, Old Maid, Go Fish, Kaboom, Match Game, Drats, Slap. ..

3,00 €

School objects in English Presentation

Présentation de 32 objets scolaires avec activités. ..

3,00 €

Have and School Supplies Connect 4

Students must correctly identify the coordinates of the square (math and geography).  If wrong,..

1,00 €

School Supplies in English Info Gap

Students share information about 8 students and the school supplies that they are buying:  colo..

1,00 €