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Reading Comp. - School have stopped homework

This is a reading comprehension for the story found in the ''Your News'' journal of ..

0,84 €

A Little Something for ''Extra'' Students

You remove a student from class and copying irregular verbs isn’t quite a solution anymore? Fe..

2,94 €

Christmas music worksheets

Christmas Music Worksheets, no preparation needed, just print and go! Beautiful and fun activitie..

5,88 €

Famous Artists and Artwork - Unit Study and Bingo!

This easy-to-use unit study will help kids become familiar with some of the world's greatest art..

5,04 €

Adverb Types - Where-When-How.. 5 worksheets

These 5 Adverb worksheets provide practice with the different types of adverbs and how they are used..

3,36 €

Famous Artworks - Art Appreciation Activity Puzzle

This set of 21 printable square jigsaw puzzles is a great addition to any study of famous artworks! ..

4,20 €

Gefühle Lesen und Kleben (Deutsch, Allemand)

Gefühle  - Lesen und Kleben  Deutsch für Erstleser in der Grundschule und DAZ..

2,00 €

Berufe Lesen & Kleben (German, Allemand)

Berufe  - Lesen und Kleben  Deutsch für Erstleser in der Grundschule und DAZ mit K..

2,00 €

Professions in English Partner Speaking Activity

This is a partner speaking activity. One partner has a puzzle with all of the down words and the oth..

2,00 €

Professions in English Kriss Kross

Puzzle has 40 terms in English for professions. Puzzle has the form of a crossword, but no clues are..

3,00 €

Professions Detectives Speaking Activity

This is an all-class activity. 5 students go to the front of class. There are 5 different pages hang..

3,00 €

Professions in English 4 by 4

Set of 16 cards form a 4 by 4 grid. Adjacent sides must match (1 side picture of a profession and 1 ..

2,00 €

Professions in English Grid Vocabulary Activity

Partner activity to use the 10 vocabulary words pictured. Student A designates a box by calling its ..

3,00 €

Professions in English Wordsearch

Word search has 32 professions hidden. 5 versions with word list and 5 without in order to make it m..

3,00 €

Professions in English Word Scramble

Vocabulary words for professions in English are scrambled. ..

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