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Professeur de langues depuis plus de vingt ans.

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School Objects in English Bingo Worksheet

Worksheet has 2 Bingo cards and a list of items that are called. Students are to mark the cards and then tell how many items on each card have been marked and how many Bingos were on each card.

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School Objects in English Bingo

Print on cardstock and laminate. Includes 36 cards.

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School in English Word Scramble

There are 40 school related items (school supplies, objects, subjects) that students need to unscramble. Perfect for fast finishers or extra credit.

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School in English Game of Seven Families

The object of the game is to collect a full family - 6 cards. The player with the most families at the end is the winner. Player 1 asks a player of his/her choice for a card belonging to a specific family. In order to make the request, the player must already have at least 1 card belonging to tha..

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School Objects English Partner Speaking Activity 2

Partner activity. Students start by circling 6 of the 10 items pictured; these are items that they have for the sake of this activity. Partners take turns asking if the partner has each item. When answering, if the item is circled they say yes, they have the item. If not, they say that they need the..

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