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Sports en français Trouve-le

Il y a 36 images de sports.  On doit identifier où se trouve 16 sports. ..

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Summer in English Bingo

Bingo game uses 24 vocabulary words related to summer. Print on cardstock and laminate to last for y..

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Zoo Animals in English Flashcard Games

Print on cardstock and cut apart into individual cards. Make 1 set for every 3-4 students. Use as..

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Doubles pronoms compléments 1

Il y a 26 phrases qu'on doit refaire avec des pronoms compléments. ..

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Participe présent Adjectif verbal

Feuille de travail avec 18 phrases à compléter avec le participe présent du ver..

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Beber en español Cuatro en fila

Los estudiantes juegan en parejas. Los estudiantes deben conjugar correctamente el verbo y nombrar e..

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Animaux en français Affiches

72 affiches avec une image et le français pour l'animal. ..

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Family in English Worksheet

There are 10 pictures of families and 16 sentences describing families.  Students are to match ..

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Time in English Bingo

35 Bingo cards for time in English. ..

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Date in English Ships Game

This is a partner activity.  Students take turns guessing squares in order to find the opponent..

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Alphabet in English Snail game

Students advance along the snail path identifying letters along the way. ..

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Days and Months Word search

Word search has the names of the 7 days and 12 months in English hidden.    5 versions inc..

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Numbers in English 100 and over I have Who has

Whole class speaking activity. Each card has a statement with I have and a question with Who has. St..

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Haus auf Deutsch Finde es Arbeitsblatt

Es gibt 36 Bilder von Räumen und Möbeln. Die Schüler identifizieren, wo jeder der 16 ..

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