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KJ’s ESL Stuff was born out of a desire to share engaging material and great resources with our ESL and ELA teaching colleagues. We are two ESL teachers currently teaching English at the elementary level in the province of Quebec, Canada. As English teachers, we have taught elementary and high school level students in Quebec’s public school system.

From first graders to adult learners, our focus has always been on developing material that entertains and nourishes our students’ minds as well as on providing them with resources that suited their needs. We are currently teaching an intensive English immersion program and love to challenge our students daily with all types of activities, projects and oral interaction games. Experienced teachers have developed the material in our store. It was tested in class and it is 100% students-approved.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using our material and that you will come across one or two things that will help you provide that special student of yours what he or she needs to keep progressing. It is always a pleasure to hear that we are making a difference in your classrooms and that our resources help you make learning fun as well as spend less time on lesson planning!

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Christmas Stations and Boardgame

These Christmas Activities are what you need! Use them as Stations to learn Christmas Vocabulary and play the Boardgame. You get 4 different activities in a student booklet, a picture dictionary and a boardgame containing 42 game cards. Practice spelling with the vocabulary matching activity. Practi..

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Verb Tenses Series: Simple Future

Get ready to teach the Simple Future tense. Our grammar games, worksheets, reading comprehension activities and writing tasks will help your students master the mechanics of the Future Simple. In addition, our oral interaction games will help them use action verbs in context, make predictions & ..

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Verb Tenses Series: Simple Past

Get ready to teach the Simple Past tense. Our grammar games, worksheets, reading comprehension activities, posters, and workshops will help your students master the mechanics of the Simple Past tense. Our material will help your students become more fluent and sound more natural. In addition, o..

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Idiom of the Day: Morning Starters

Are you looking for a fun way to start your day and get your students ready for learning? This document contains 20 North American English Idiomatic expressions; illustrated and explained. Get your students thinking and help them learn new expressions as they negotiate the real meaning of ea..

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Verb Tenses Series: Simple Present

Ready to teach the simple present tense to your students? Our grammar games, worksheets, reading comprehension activities, posters and workshops will help your students understand the concept of subject-verb agreement. In addition, our oral interacti..

8,36 €