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I am a Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary French school teacher in a French community. I am also an ESL teacher for elementary and high school students as well as adults in government facilities. I also tutor students at the elementary level as well as in high school in different disciplines. I have worked two years as an educator in a trilingual daycare centre.

As a tutor, I adapt my teaching to the student's learning style and needs. As a teacher, I try to have as many different types of activities as possible so all students, who have different learning styles, can learn and understand what is taught. I like using manipulation A LOT in my teaching and like incorporating different disciplines in one another. I also like having a large base of knowledge, covering various subjects. I like to share that knowledge, that passion with my students to creates a fun learning environment that gets students curious and engaged.

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Cahier pour le suppléant

Ce cahier du suppléant contient: Ma classe: mots de passe, liste de mes élèves, transport, allergies et/ou problème de santé, anniversaires, coorodnnées des élèves, procédures, es coins de ma classe, aménageme..

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Holiday Movie Bundle #1

In this bundle, you have various activities and movie questions for the following movies: - A Charlie Brown Christmas - Dragons Gift of the Night Fury - Frosty the snowman - Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Kung Fu Panda Holiday - Merry Madagascar - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rein..

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Dragons Gift of the Night Fury Movie Activities

This document includes: - 4 general information about the movie - 1 Character activity - 1 Movie plot activity - 13 comprehension questions  - 2 appreciation questions Answer key provided This document is for the 2011 movie ''Dragons Gift of the Night Fury'' by Tom Ow..

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Rubrique pour dissertations (Anglais)

Rubric for short essays and written productions Evaluates: *Writing Purpose * Text Structure * Sentence Structure * Vocabulary * Verb tenses


Loup-Garou / Werewolf

Vous avez une feuille de maître de jeu vous permettant de nommer les nombreux rôles dans le bon ordre. Vous avez également sur cette feuille la possibilité d'inscrire diverses informations sur les rôles afin de maîtriser TOTALEMENT ce jeu de déduction..