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Idioms Activity Pack for ESL Learners

Idioms Activity Pack for ESL  Learners

This Idiom Activity Pack is ideal to teach idioms or to have your students practice the use of idioms. This activity pack contains idioms word wall set, 2 station activities, a game. This resource requires preparation; however, when everything is ready, you may reuse it year after year except for the answer logs/recording sheets.

⭐The downloaded file includes (97 pages):

  • 48 idioms – word wall set on coloured background
  • 48 idioms – printer-friendly word wall set (print on white or coloured paper)
  • Differentiated station activities:
    • Idiom Match Up Station Activity 1 – 48 idiom cards and recording sheets
    • Idiom Detective Station Activity 2 – worksheets to complete the activity
  • 48 idiom cards – use them to play games or prepare reference card sets for students
  • Directions
  • Labels
  • Editable templates (2 answer log templates and editable station rotation model)
  • Please refer to the preview file to learn more about this resource.

⭐Information about this resource:

  • This resource includes Canadian spelling.
  • Detailed instructions indicating how to use this resource and how to set up the station activities are included.
  • Be advised that this document is not editable, and it may not be posted on open (unsecured) online platforms. However, I have provided a few editable Answer log templates and an editable station rotation model, so you can adapt them to better suit your needs.
  • Please note that this resource does not come in paperless option, but you can import the PPT file into a Google Slides™ if you wish to use the Station 2 activity (Worksheets) in your Google Classroom™.

⭐Idioms included: adding fuel to the fire, apple doesn't fall far from the tree, apple of my eye, (as) blind as a bat, blanket of snow, butter fingers, catch wind of something, dig in, dead of winter, drive me nuts, eyes bigger than your stomach, ghost town, gobble down, grab a bite, (be) mad about you, (be) on the rocks, heart-to-heart talk, heart on your sleeve, for the love of Pete, better half, It is all gravy, pop the question, head over heels, (in) cold sweat, leave out in the cold, the tip of the iceberg, walking on thin ice, break the ice, the more the merrier, Christmas came early, good things come in small packages, holiday blues, holiday spirit, stocking stuffer, white Christmas, trim the (Christmas) tree, piece of cake, tie the knot, talk turkey, dig your own grave, devil's advocate, skeletons in the closet, (be) scared stiff, make someone's blood run cold, pale as a ghost, turn over a new leaf, under the weather, save for a rainy day.

⭐This resource may be used:

  • in literacy centers
  • to supplement your lesson on idioms
  • to teach the meaning of and the use of idioms
  • to review idioms
  • as a time-filler activity

This document has been designed for Grade 8-11 ESL learners (intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced levels). However, it might also be appropriate for ELA students below these grade levels.

If you teach in Quebec (CA), this resource is perfect for your Grade 8-11 ESL/EESL learners.


⭐FILE DETAILS: Paper size: 8.5" x 11" (Standard US Letter). Documents are not editable unless otherwise stated. Resources are available either in a PDF or PPT file.

❤️SATISFACTION: Before downloading a product, read the product description and check out the preview document to determine if the resource is appropriate for your students. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

✨TERMS OF USE: ©️ Versatile Teacher Toolkit - ESL and ELA Resources. All rights reserved.

For personal or educational use. You may make copies for your personal or classroom use. Sharing, posting, redistributing, or selling this resource or any part of it on the Internet is prohibited. 

Type de ressource:   Activité générale, Trousse d'apprentissage, Imprimable, Cartes éclair, Autre

Nombre de pages (diapositives) :   97

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