Vocabulary Buiding: Feelings and Emotions

Vocabulary Buiding: Feelings and Emotions

Looking for material to work on feelings and emotions with your students?
This vocabulary building set is what you need!
Display the posters, learn the vocabulary and play the 4 different games included.

Helping students broaden their language repertoire is one of the golden keys to succeeding in helping them interact orally in English. As teachers, helping our students learn and master the vocabulary they need to succeed both in the classroom and in “real life” is of the utmost importance. The amount of words children learn and master in the early years is directly related to their future success. That is also true for older or adult learners of a second language.

As a complement to your already great activitiesoral communication games and amazing projects, our “Vocabulary Building Series” bundles offer various resources on a given topic.

Please note: All activities & games come in both color and black & white versions

This bundle includes:

  • A word search activity with relevant words & pictograms/pictures
  • A vocabulary building activity sheet
  • A board game about feelings and emotions.
  • Two different versions of a memory game to help you adapt your teaching to the needs of your students.
  • A reference card with all targeted words + a reference card with helpful expression for our oral interaction games (board game + memory games)
  • A set of 24 posters to display in your classroom.
  • An oral interaction game to play with the whole class.
  • All relevant answer keys.

Targeted words include angry, calm, cold, concentrated, confused, disappointed, disgusted, excited, frustrated, furious, happy, hot, hungry, in love, nervous, proud, sad, scared, shocked, sick, sleepy, surprised, thirsty, tired

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