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Les phrases utiles en classe !

Ce marque-page recto/verso contient : - Les phrases les plus utilisées en classe (je ne co..

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Want to make writing fun and engaging for your students? Use the power of pictures !   ..

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:::::::::::::::::::  Aucune préparation  :::::::::::::::::::  Documents 100% modif..

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Back to school BUNDLE - ESL pre-intermediate

4 ready-to-use activities for the first 3 hours. ESL – pre-intermediate (2nd and/or 3rd yea..

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Tables de multiplication =>10- FRANCAIS/ANGLAIS

Vos fans d'Harry Potter manquent de motivation pour apprendre leurs tables de multiplication par..

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Jobs & job interviews - Conversation cards

Group work / pair work CONVERSATION CARDS or TASK CARDS Included are : •  &n..

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Despicable Me 3 – Movie trailer worksheet

A fun one-hour lesson   1- READING (students search the internet - at home or in class - ..

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Harry Potter - Fun BUNDLE

Do your students love Harry Potter? Do they love games ? Included are: Harry Potter Bingo = ht..

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Halloween banner and game

The kids color and decorate the flags, they can then work on the vocabulary and finally play the &ld..

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Playing in English – BOOKMARKS

Playing in English - BOOKMARKS    Another bookmark to use in class and keep in the n..

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A DIFFERENT summer activity book AND journal !

“My summer vacation memory book” - Pirates NOTE TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS, This is N..

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:::::::::::::::::::  Ready-to-use  :::::::::::::::::::  100% editable templates fo..

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Alice crafty bookmarks for parents – Xmas gifts

Great gift idea for Christmas! 14 Alice in Wonderland-themed bookmarks to color for parents and fam..

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ADVENT CALENDAR for Star Wars fans

Star wars - themed Advent Calendar. Fill the boxes with coloring pages, small gifts, candies, puz..

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Rules for conversation

Various backgrounds 1 ink-friendly version Level :  Young learners ESL students Happy ..