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Poster T.H.I.N.K.

This is a 8½ x 11 poster. This is an acrostic with the letters of the word "think" ..

1,61 €

Functional language Poster set and cards

This is a colorful set of 18 posters which are ideal if you want your ESL students to use the Englis..

4,83 €

Anglais langue seconde

Outil facilitant l'apprentissage du vocabulaire anglais. Thèmes: animaux, corps, couleu..

1,61 €

Anglais Simple present affiche

Affiche de conjugaison du Simple Present avec les explications en français. Peut êtr..

4,02 €

SCHOOL SUPPLIES – 2 speaking activities

Great for back to school ! Use the slideshow to revise / learn the vocabulary and the pronunciati..

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Included are : •      32 unique bingo boards •  &..

2,00 €

Taboo Game - The Holidays

Great game to practice speaking skills or simply have fun! This set contains 84 cards using words r..

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FREE - Halloween banners

Check out this free sample from my “Halloween craft activity, vocabulary and speaking game&rdq..


Classroom English – BOOKMARK – Intermediate

Classroom English – BOOKMARK – Pre-intermediate   Say it in English ! - BOOKM..

2,00 €

English second language poster simple past

Affiche pour anglais langue seconde du temps simple past. Peut s'imprimer en format 20 X 30 pouc..

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Rules for conversation

Various backgrounds 1 ink-friendly version Level :  Young learners ESL students Happy ..


Le Memory des Prépositions en Anglais, Pâques

Où se cache le lapin de Pâques ?  Un jeu de mémoire sur le thème ..

2,96 €

Harry Potter - Conversation cards

FUN speaking activity in small groups.   <strong>Included are :</strong> ..

2,00 €

Winter Movement Cards

A great five minute filler activity to get students moving. Eight winter-themed illustrated ..

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