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Fête des pères - livre à cachettes

Fêtes des pères - Livre à cachettes pour la 'Fête des pères'..

1,61 €

Anglais langue seconde

Outil facilitant l'apprentissage du vocabulaire anglais. Thèmes: animaux, corps, couleu..

1,61 €

Functional language Poster set and cards

This is a colorful set of 18 posters which are ideal if you want your ESL students to use the Englis..

4,83 €

Winter Movement Cards

A great five minute filler activity to get students moving. Eight winter-themed illustrated ..

0,80 €

Taboo Game - The Holidays

Great game to practice speaking skills or simply have fun! This set contains 84 cards using words r..

4,83 €

Rules for conversation

Included are : Various backgrounds 1 ink-friendly version Level :  Young learners ESL st..


Harry Potter - Conversation cards

ARE YOU A TRUE HARRY POTTER FAN? Group work or pair work My 12-year-old ESL students loved it&..

2,00 €

Food & eating habits - Conversation cards

Food & eating habits - Conversation cards   You can use these cards… &helli..

2,00 €


Included are : •      32 unique bingo boards •  &..

2,00 €

jeu en anglais sur les nombres

Il s'agit d'un jeu sur les nombres en anglais: de 1 à 10 puis 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90..

2,00 €

flash cards hiver + jeu du mistigri

Il s'agit de flash cards en anglais sur le thème de l'hiver.  Ces cartes sont..

2,00 €

Dragons Gift of the Night Fury Movie Activities

This document includes: - 4 general information about the movie - 1 Character activity - 1 Movie ..

1,61 €

Storks Movie Questions ONLY

This document is for the 2016 movie ''Storks'' by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetlan..

0,80 €

Say it in English - Bookmark

Say it in English ! - BOOKMARK  These bookmarks are a helpful tool for my ESL students. T..

2,00 €

The Prince of Egypt Movie Questions ONLY

This document is for the 1998 movie ''The Prince of Egypt'' by Brenda Chapman and St..

1,61 €