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Just getting started? Our Plus seller plan means no registration fees and no monthly (or yearly) fees. Just a simple formula: you keep 60% - 30 cents of every sale. We'll take care of the credit card processing fees and marketing expenses from our share. Sell nothing and we also make nothing. (But we'll try our best to make sure that doesn't happen!) There’s nothing to lose by giving us a shot.


Sell and Keep as Much as 80% of Each Sale

You're selling. Congratulations! We realize that you've put in the hard work to create amazing products, so you deserve more from each sale. We've created a Premium seller plan for you. For a small annual membership fee, you keep 80% from each sale and pay no transaction fees. We'll continue to use our share to take care of the credit card processing fees and marketing expenses that help make you money.




You simply want to share the teaching resources you create? Great and thank you! We make it easy and free for you to share your resources with our community of educators across the globe.


No Exclusivity

Sell with us...on your own site...and beyond. There’s no punishment for selling elsewhere.



Rapidly Growing Network

MieuxEnseigner is a marketplace to get your products in front of francophone clients wherever they are. We're new but growing rapidly. And as we grow so will your sales.


Sellers Are Promoted In a Fair and Objective Manner

We make every attempt at getting your products seen by our community. Whether you are a new seller or have already sold hundreds of products, we promote your products on our Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter, our blog, our magazine, and our newsletters.


Add an Unlimited Number of Products

You have a single great product to sell? Or are you the creative type that churns out new products weekly? We have no minimum or maximum limits for the number of products you can add to your boutique.

Adding a product is easy with our simple and well structured form. For each product, you set the title, the description, the price, a promotional price, the grade level, the subject matter, etc.


No Product Review Process

Add, delete and update your product listings whenever you like. Once you've registered, your products are live instantly.



Set Your Own Prices

No one knows the value of your work better than you do. You keep control over your product prices and change them at anytime.

You want to offer one or more of your products at a promotional price? This is quick and easy! Update one or all of your products with a few clicks. You decide the promotional price and for how long.

Organize Your Products and Boutique as You Wish

Offer various versions of similar subject material but for different occasions (Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentines, etc.), bundle several resources together as a single product, etc.

Each product variation can have its own price and can be associated with different images.

Each product can be classified under one or more grade levels. In addition, products can also be classified by subject matter.

This allows you to present a comprehensive product catalogue.

Have Your Products stand Out

To have your products appeal to users, you can add product images. Both our Premium plan and our Plus plan permit an unlimited number of images.


Sell Internationally

Sell you products internationally by selecting one or more boutiques to sell your products in. We'll handle currency conversions and and we'll ensure your product appears under the correct grade level for that country.



Your boutique will be automatically optimized for search engines, as we implement Google's search engine recommendations. You can personalize the title, the product description, the keywords and the product images.


Instant Delivery

We deliver your products safely and securely to your customers.




Get access to real-time information on how your products are doing.


Incredible Customer Service

To create an extremely loyal customer base of buyers and sellers, we know that we need to provide excellent customer service. We'll do our best to provide lighting fast and personalized responses to your questions and comments.


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To open a boutique and become a seller, you must first register as a member and log in.