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FAQ for Sellers

If you are new to MieuxEnseigner, you may also find our general FAQ of interest.

Share for Free

To share your material for free, you must still open a boutique (become a seller). When adding a product to your boutique, simply set the price of the product you wish to share for free to 0.

MieuxEnseigner is a platform for buying, selling and sharing resources. Limiting the number of free products would limit the choice of products for members, reduce the number of registrations, and would result in lower sales for sellers.

Many teachers cannot afford to purchase products even if they are moderately priced. The products on MieuxEnseigner, including the free products, allow teachers to provide a better teaching experience.We believe it is important that we and our community of sellers help support these teachers.

Free products attract visitors to MieuxEnseigner. Initially, many new visitors start by searching for and downloading free products. However many of these visitors will also spend time browsing the website and will purchase products on subsequent visits.Our analysis shows that from one year to the next, the percentage of members that have made purchases has continued to increase. Visitors may initially register to simply download free products but over time they also purchase products.

This marketing strategy is a proven and popular method for building online websites and our own anlysis shows this is also the case for MieuxEnseigner.

We encourage all sellers to add free products and to not limit the number of free products they include in their boutique.Free products help sellers build a following and allow members to evaluate a seller's products and eventually purchase their products.

Free products provide an increased visibility for a seller's boutique. It is a low cost marketing strategy that provides proven positive results and we encourage all sellers to use it as often as possible.

Free products is clearly a winning strategy for members (buyers) and for sellers!

Seller Earnings

For details regarding how much you get paid, please review the information on the Membership Plans page (see menu bar).

For details regarding the payout of your earnings, please review the information on the Earnings, Commissions and Payouts page.

Membership Plans

Please see the Membership Plans page (see menu bar).

From the Seller Dashboard page click Subscribe Premium.

From the Seller Dashboard page click Renew Premium to extend your subscription to the Premium membership. You can renew your membership at anytime.

Please note that it is not possible to retroactively adjust a seller's revenues. If you wish to continue as a Premium member, you must renew your membership before the expiry date.

Your Payment to the Premium membership plan is deducted from your balance. There is no need for us to process a payment from you.

This is not a problem. After we deduct the membership fee, your balance will simply be negative until you sell sufficient product to cover the amount.

It is difficult to provide an exact sales amount. The more sales you make, the more likely a Premium membership will result in more profit. In calculating a sales amount, keep in mind that Premium members pay no order fees and lower commissions. They do however pay a membership fee.

Our best estimate is that if you sell for more than $300 (€225) in one year, it is more profitable for you to be subscribed to the Premium membership. Please note that this is only to be used as a guideline, as this sales amount will vary from one seller to another.

The Seller Dashboard page in your seller account area shows the plan you are subscribed to.

If you are subscribed to the Premium membership plan, the expiry date is also shown.

Your Finances page in your seller account area will show a transaction for this payment. The transaction will be for a negative amount.

An invoice showing the Premium membership fee as well as applicable taxes is available from the Purchase History page. To display and print the invoice, click on the Generate an Invoice icon.

Product Acceptance

We do not review nor reject products. However keep in mind that we have a peer review system which allows for both ratings and textual reviews by peers. Lower quality products are unlikely to receive five star ratings and hence unlikely to sell well.

We may issue a refund if a client complains about a product containing errors or if the product contains major defects.

Please see the FAQ What is the policy regarding refunds and exchanges? under the Purchasing section of the FAQ page for more precise information regarding refunds and exchanges.

If a category is oversaturated, that just means the quality standards go up. You’ll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to appeal.

Legal Aspects

Yes, it’s your material.

To upload and distribute a product on MieuxEnseigner, you must have sufficient intellectual property rights to the material.

If anyone else (e.g. your school) owns the copyright to your product or to an asset within the product, don’t upload it.

We may, at our discretion, suspend or terminate accounts of users who may be repeat infringers of intellectual property rights of third parties.

A trademark is a combination of letters, words, sounds or designs that distinguishes one company's goods or services from those of others in the marketplace.

Using a trademark without permission is against our Terms of Use and in addition can be illegal. It can result in litigation or fines to you and your buyers.

You can learn more about trademarks by reviewing the government of Canada's Website on trademarks.

As the author, it is your responsibility to make sure you’re not violating anyone else's copyright by uploading and distributing your product. If you are unsure if you are allowed to use an asset within your product, ask the asset’s owner or a lawyer.

At MieuxEnseigner, we respect the intellectual property rights of others, and we ask that our members to do the same. Each member is responsible for ensuring that the materials they upload to MieuxEnseigner do not infringe any third party copyright.

MieuxEnseigner complies with the notice-and-takedown procedures set out in the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which applies to content reported and removed for violating U.S. copyrights.

Our servers and software are hosted in the United States and hence we must follow the copyright policy and procedure modeled after the more stringent U.S. DMCA copyright law.

For more information on DMCA please see: The Ultimate DMCA Guide for Students.

Most of the time you can resolve this issue without the need to contact MieuxEnseigner!

The quickest and easiest way to resolve a copyright infringement is for you to reach out to the boutique owner who posted the material and ask them to remove the material. To contact the boutique owner, click the Contact This Seller button on the boutique page or on the product page.

If you are unable to resolve the issue directly with the boutique owner, you can send us a formal DMCA infringement notice. (See next FAQ.)

Here is how the process works:

Upon receiving a valid infringement notice, we comply with the law and reach out to the boutique owner who posted the content, forward them the infringement notice, and remove the material from MieuxEnseigner.

The boutique owner who posted the content has a legal right to submit a Counter-Notice if they believe that the content was misidentified as infringing or was removed by mistake.

If we receive a complete Counter-Notice, we'll forward it to you. Then, it's up to you to take further legal action to protect the work.

Please note that:

As a service provider hosting User Created Content (UCC). MieuxEnseigner isn't in a position to make a legal judgment call nor to compare products. We rely on formal notices to take action.

If you have questions about your products and copyright law, we suggest you discuss these with a lawyer.

If you are the owner of a copyright or a registered trademark that you believe is being infringed upon by a boutique hosted on MieuxEnseigner, you may submit a copyright or trademark infringement notice (removal request). This notice may only be submitted by the copyright or registered trademark owners or agents authorized to act on the owners' behalf. For detailed instructions on how to report a copyright or trademark infringement, please click HERE.

When you submit a notice, please make sure that the information provided is true and accurate. Knowingly submitting a false infringement notice can result in liability for damages under the DMCA or similar laws in other countries.

Only the owner of a copyright/trademark (or an authorized agent acting on their behalf) can submit a copyright/trademark infringement notice. Before submitting a copyright/trademark infringement notice, you should consider whether you are the copyright/trademark owner of that content.

Product Pricing, Refunds, and Support

All products are priced by you. To ensure your products sell well, set prices by factoring quality, complexity, potential demand and license type.

The price you decide to charge for your product is completely up to you. Please keep in mind, we retain a commission on every sale of your product.

To get an idea of what to charge, you can browse the product listings to find comparable products.

Refunds are a part of business even when selling a digital product.

We have created a fair and reasonable refund policy that benefits both clients and sellers. When you add a product for sale, you agree to our refund and exchange policy.

We may also issue a refund, at our own discretion, for a reason that falls outside of our refund and exchange policy.

Having a strict No Refunds policy causes more problems, and expenses, than it alleviates. If we were to refuse to issue refunds, customers could take matters into their own hands and dispute the charge with the payment processors we use. (This is referred to as a chargeback.) Chargebacks are costly in both time and expense and can affect our ability to process transactions.

Keep in mind that refunds can be a way to strengthen relationships with existing and prospective customers and improve the reputation of your brand.

Please see the FAQ What is the policy regarding refunds and exchanges? under the Purchasing section of the FAQ page for more precise information regarding refunds and exchanges.

You may authorize a refund for any reason by contacting us. (You cannot issue the refund directly from your seller’s account. We must issue the refund for you.)

The refund request should be submitted no later than 60 days from the purchase date.

You can view the refunds issued for your boutique from your Orders page.

We encourage all our sellers to provide support as this is a great way to ensure repeat business from buyers, but no, it’s not required unless the product file is broken.

Your Revenue and Taxes

Normally yes, as all revenue irrespective of how it is earned must be declared to the tax authorities.

We cannot provide specific tax advice — sellers are responsible for understanding their local tax laws.

No. You are not an employee of MieuxEnseigner. You are a supplier that provides digital products on a consignment basis.

Please note that you may need to submit a tax return to the tax authorities to report and pay any income tax that may be due on the revenue you receive.

We cannot provide specific tax advice — sellers are responsible for understanding their local tax laws.

No. Because you are not an employee of MieuxEnseigner, MieuxEnseigner does not pay income tax on your behalf to any tax authority.

Please note that you may need to submit a tax return to the tax authorities to report and pay any income tax that may be due on the revenue you receive.

We cannot provide specific tax advice — sellers are responsible for understanding their local tax laws.

We do not have specific requirements for you to sell on MieuxEnseigner.

We cannot provide specific advice. We recommend that you consult with a financial advisor and/or an accountant to determine what is best for your situation and to ensure you respect local laws.

When a client purchases a product from the MieuxEnseigner website, MieuxEnseigner is the seller. We collect the applicable sales tax on all products sold through MieuxEnseigner and submit these to the appropriate tax authorities.

Sellers are responsible for deciding whether they need to register for Canadian GST, HST, and PST/QST with respect to their revenue payments. Sellers are responsible for filing their own GST, HST, and PST/QST tax returns and for remitting any applicable amounts to the federal/provincial tax authorities.

If you reside in Canada and you're registered for the GST, HST, and PST/QST you should enter your tax numbers on your seller's profile page. Based on the province where you reside, we'll calculate the tax amount applicable to your payment. This tax amount is transferred with your payment.

No. MieuxEnseigner automatically generates invoices on your behalf.

On the 1st day of the quarter, an invoice on your behalf is generated and available from the Transactions and Payments page. The invoice shows the payment amount due for the quarter as well as applicable taxes for this payment amount.

Selling in other countries (sites)

MieuxEnseigner offers several sites for visitors to shop from. Each site is specific to a country and is adapted to the countries educational system. Visitors can also shop in the currency of their country and not worry about exchange rates.

Our goal is to make visitors (and sellers) feel at home when shopping in their country boutique.

Yes. MieuxEnseigner has several country specific sites and you can sell your product in your country specific site or on all of our sites. See this page's footer (bottom right of this page) to learn what other sites are available.

From the New Product/Edit Product page, simply select the boutique(s) you wish your product to appear in. (Don't forget to save your changes.)

You do. You know your product best, so we let you decide whether it makes sense to offer your product to educators in other countries.

But please don't add your product to other sites if you know that it isn't appropriate for another country. You will not sell more products and this will only result in visitors leaving the website or asking for refunds.

We are trying to make the shopping experience a positive one for visitors. Pages of inappropriate products will leave the visitor with a negative experience of MieuxEnseigner.

Agendas are a good example. Because these products are specific to school days/events for a country (or even region) they should only be sold in the country they were designed for.

No. We take care of this for you.

Your product's price is automatically converted to the boutique's currency.

Please note that the converted price includes an adjustment for currency fluctuations.

No. Your payment is based on your boutique currency. Your payment, irrespective of which sites your products are sold through is always in your site's currency.

You are guaranteed your payment amount irrespective of which boutique your product is sold in and irrespective of currency fluctuations.

We do this automatically for each boutique you sell your product in.

Simply select the grade levels for your country. We then map the selected grade levels to the appropriate grade levels for the other sites you selected.

Product Reviews

Yes. MieuxEnseigner treats one-star reviews no differently than five-star reviews. Like other online review systems, our review feature is intended to provide a forum for an honest and open discussion between clients and sellers. By remaining neutral, MieuxEnseigner encourages opinions that help visitors make informed decisions. For this reason, and to also ensure compliance with applicable laws, we do not modify content or remove a valid negative review.

To remain neutral, and except for a limited number of exceptions, MieuxEnseigner won't remove product reviews.

Product reviews help our community make informed decisions and encourage transactions.

Clients can leave negative reviews. All reviews must respectful and comply with MieuxEnseigner's policies and terms of use. Negative reviews won't be removed.

A review will be deleted if it falls under one of the following criteria:

  • contains abusive or inappropriate language
  • includes personally identifiable information - like a full name, email address, or phone number
  • is discriminatory
  • makes false claims contradicting the information provided in the product description
  • focuses on technical issues such as problems opening, printing, or downloading the document
  • contains advertising
  • is determined to be fraudulent
  • the person spams a product's review section.

Unless a product review violates one of these criteria, it cannot be removed.

MieuxEnseigner is committed to providing visitors with unbiased product reviews from community members. Every client is entitled to — and encouraged to share — their own opinion. However, it is strictly prohibited to deceive others by posting a false review. If a review is determined to be fraudulent, the review will be removed. The submitter of the review may have their account disabled.

A fraudulent activity includes, but is not limited to, any attempt by a seller to influence their reputation, or the reputation of another seller, by:

  • submitting reviews for their own product
  • submitting negative reviews of a competitor's product for the sole purpose of degrading their reputation
  • hiring a third party to post a review on their behalf
  • discouraging clients from posting negative feedback
  • harassing a client over a review.

While getting a negative product review can be upsetting, it is also an opportunity to learn from the experience. It is important not to focus on the star rating alone. Commit to solving the problem reported by the client. If your product has typos, inaccurate facts, old information, broken links, etc. we recommend you correct the errors.

If the client did not include specific details regarding the product issues, ask a neutral third-party to review the product.

Improve your product by taking the client's comments or your third-party reviewer's feedback into consideration. Be sure to apply what you learned to your other products.

Our review platform provides sellers with the opportunity to address misunderstandings or issues. We encourage sellers to respond to all client reviews including negative reviews. Remember that your responses are visible to other potential clients. Take this into consideration when you respond to a review — good or bad.

If you need additional information, you can also reach out to the client in a private message.

When replying, be professional and cordial. Stick to the facts.

Often clients, when they see a negative review will read it, but more to see how the seller responds. Why? Because they want to know if the seller is someone they will want to purchase products from. They will read the seller's response to see whether they can find answers to questions such as: How did the seller handle the negative? Was the reported issue resolved quickly and in a positive manner?

A seller's response to a negative review has the potential to result in a positive experience for both seller and the client. Research shows that a seller's willingness to address critical reviews builds credibility, shows responsiveness, and creates a more favorable opinion of the seller and their products. Use a negative review to demonstrate the kind of great customer service clients can expect from you.

Yes. To minimize fraudulent (fake) product reviews, our review system only allows clients to post a review if they purchased the product.

Please note that anyone can post a review for a free product.

No. Our product review system is intended as a forum for an honest and an open discussion between clients and sellers. To ensure neutrality and the integrity of the product review system, MieuxEnseigner is not involved in reviewing or analyzing client reviews and sellers' responses.

It is not feasible for our team to become experts across all products sold/shared through the platform and to verify the details of each review. In an effort to treat sellers and clients equally, we cannot fact check the opinions submitted by clients. Instead, our team focuses on verifying and ensuring that reviews meet our guidelines.

Yes. We encourage all sellers to solicit reviews from clients that have purchased their paid products or downloaded one of their free products.

No. MieuxEnseigner does not share the personal contact information of the reviewer with a seller.

Certain non-private information such as the client's first name are publicly displayed alongside the review.

A seller can reach out to the client in a private message using the MieuxEnseigner email application. However, private information such as the client's or seller's email are not disclosed when using the MieuxEnseigner email application.

Marketing Your Product

Showcasing your product listing is essential in increasing your visibility and making it more likely for buyers to purchase your product. We’d like to give you some tips to help you make your listing awesome.

Help for Sellers

For each product, you can define multiple promotional offers. If two promotional offers overlap during the same period, the Priority is used to determine which offer to show. A promotional offer with a priority set to 1 has precedence over one with priority 2.

Depending on the page (home page, product page, search results, your boutique page, etc.) we use various sizes to highlight your product.The largest image we currently use is, 800 pixels by 800 pixels and appears on the popup dialog of the product page.(We may in the future make this image larger, so we recommend that you upload images that are 1024 pixels in height or width.)

Images are automatically resized when a page uses a smaller version of the image. Resizing large images can require extensive CPU and memory resources and affect Website performance.For this reason we limit the size of images that you can upload to 2 MB.

Important: For optimal performance and display, please ensure your images are 1024 pixels in height or width and are smaller than 2 MB.


Unable to find the answer to your question? Read through our general FAQ or contact us.